The day we empty the compost is a special day. It is very funny that different family members or friends in this endeavor.

The sieve used to separate the finest compost thicker parts such as branches, pine cones, etc..


  • Depart the remnants of the top that have not yet been broken and left in a truck or on the floor.
  • Deciding how and where it separates the fine compost the remains without undoing.
  • If your compost still retains its moisture, every 3 or 4 scoops of compost that is thrown on the screen you have to go hand in hand with a glove to ensure that only the finest finished compost and passes through the holes.
  • If desired, before this operation can leave the compost to dry one or two days to filter better. Anyway, so many want to obtain the precious material that surely will not want to wait even a few hours. Furthermore, when the compost is a little damp, the smell of wood is so nice that more than compensates for having to spend a little longer.
  • The remains without undoing who have strayed initially introduced back into the compost along with the thicker parts of compost that have been on the other side of the screen.
  • No need to worry about the bodies that appear disoriented on the floor, as they themselves find the way to the composter and continue working.