In Compostadores, we put at your disposal all the necessary tools to be able to practice home composting in the most convenient, easy and funiest way.

What we do for individuals?

  • Sale of composters and garden tools via eCommerce.
  • Permanent and free advice online and/or by telephone.
  • Transmission of knowledge through the website: manuals, expert articles, curiosities, tips, blogs, etc.
  • Participation in quizes organized by the company.
  • Privileged access to commercial offerings.

The home composting promotion campaigns in the municipalities are part of the strategies that promote more sustainable territory management. The councils you have the obligation to promote, among citizens, the prevention of organic waste in the municipality. In Compostadores we help your municipality to be more sustainable, and that citizens can enjoy a better quality of life.

What we do for public administrations?

  • Initial and advanced training workshops.
  • Provision of composters and accessories.
  • Communication campaign: press releases, brochures, banners, etc..
  • On-site and/or distance monitoring of each participant.
  • Free permanent advice service for all participants.
  • Report on the project with environmental economic ans social data.