• Use your combox as you like: a pot for a bush, a planter for a climber or a tree, or a home vegetable garden of any size.
  • It can be attached to a combox composter, with which you can easily recycle the organic waste generated by the garden
  • Its fully modular and compartmentable system offers the possibility of converting sections into storage for dry leaves or gardening tools.
  • It is non toxic, waterproof, knock and weather resistant and resistant to deterioration due to decomposing organisms.
  • The combox vegetable gardens also grow on your terrace, so that you can plant trees, or whatever you like!
Urban Vegetable 150 Urban Vegetable 300 Urban Vegetable 450 Urban Vegetable 600
Capacity 150 Liters 300 Liters 450 Liters 600 Liters
Weight - 20 Kg 27 Kg 35 Kg
Measures Base 60 cm x 60 cm - - -
Height - - 47 cm 47 cm
Color Gray Gray Gray Gray
Shape Air Air Air Air
Material Post-consumer waste Post-consumer waste Post-consumer waste Post-consumer waste